Kentucky Bourbon Trail

See why Kentucky is the Bourbon Capital of the World! Get a firsthand look at the Art and Science of Crafting and Aging Bourbon,  Kentucky’s Signature Spirit. With many Bourbon Distilleries to choose from, we can help you customize your way along the Bourbon Trail while you select which Distilleries to visit. We understand that there can be many questions about this process and happy to help. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with those questions.

Kentucky Bourbon Trail Map

Kentucky Bourbon Trail Tours


We recommend tours in these groups to get the most out of your experience. Rather than spend the majority of the tour in transit from one distillery to another, our tour groups are specifically designed for a fun-filled experience focused on bourbon.

We’ve mapped each stop with drive time in mind, so you can spend as much time as possible exploring each unique stop on the trail. We’ve divided the tour into groups. The distilleries in each group are close together and require less travel time between locations.

The South:

Maker’s Mark – – Tour Hours and Info

Limestone Branch – – See the Video

Kentucky Cooperage –

Heaven Hill/Bourbon Heritage Center – – Tour Hours and Info

Willet Reserve Distillery –

1792 Barton Distillery –

Jim Beam – – Tour Hours and Info

Four Roses Bottling and Warehouse –

Lux Row Distillery – – Tour Hours and Info

Bardstown Bourbon Company –

Bottle & Bond Kitchen and Bar –

Preservation Distillery –

Log Still Distillery –

KY Bourbon Distillery Tour

Distillery Tour

Louisville KY Bourbon Tour

KY Bourbon Tour

The East:

Buffalo Trace –

Woodford Reserve – – Tour Hours and Info

Glenn’s Creek Distillery –

Four Roses – – Tour Hours and Info

Wild Turkey – – Tour Hours and Info

3 Boys Farm Distillery –

Jeptha Creed –

Castle and Key Distillery –

Beaumont Inn –

Kentucky Artisan Distillery –

Bulleit – – Tour Hours and Info

Wilderness Trail Distillery –

Bourbon Tour Louisville KY

3 Boys Farm Distillery

Bourbon Tasting Louisville KY

KY Bourbon Tour

Louisville Area:

Angels Envy –

Stitzel Weller – – Tour Hours and Info

Evan Williams Bourbon Experience – Tour Hours and Info

Peerless Distilling –

Rabbit Hole Distillery –

Old Forrester – – Tour Hours and Info

Jim Beam Urban Stillhouse on 4th Street – – Tour Hours and Info

Michter’s Fort Nelson Distillery –

Distillery Tour Louisville KY

Whiskey Tour Louisville KY

Bourbon Distillery Tour

KY Bourbon Tasting

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