Kentucky Bourbon Trail Tours

Kentucky Bourbon Trail

Kentucky Bourbon Trail ToursSee why Kentucky is the Bourbon Capital of the World! Get a firsthand look at the Art and Science of Crafting and Aging Bourbon,  Kentucky’s Signature Spirit. With many Bourbon Distilleries to choose from, we can help you customize your way along the Bourbon Trail while you select which Distilleries to visit. We understand that there can be many questions about this process and happy to help. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with those questions.

Kentucky Bourbon Trail Map


List of Kentucky Bourbon Trail Tour Distilleries

Maker’s Mark – – Tour Hours and Info

Woodford Reserve – – Tour Hours and Info

Wild Turkey – – Tour Hours and Info

Jim Beam – – Tour Hours and Info

Four Roses – – Tour Hours and Info

Evan Williams/Heaven Hill – – Tour Hours and Info

Bulleit – – Tour Hours and Info

Buffalo Trace –

Angels Envy –

Willet Reserve Distillery –

Jeptha Creed –

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